• Basket & Bunny

    Here's a cute project that's perfect for Easter or for a baby gift -- or change the colour scheme to use it at Thanksgiving or Christmas!

    The tutorial includes :

    • step-by-step instructions for the basket, bunny tag and stuffed rabbit with colour photos (.pdf)
    • the pattern for the stuffed rabbit
    • a shape-guide for the pieces needed for the bunny tag if you don't have the sames punches that I used.

    Although I propose by tutorials in English, please be informed that I am an adept of the metric system. All measurements are indicated in centimetres.

    The tutorial is priced at 2€. As I write this, that equals approximately .65 US or CDN, .45 AUD or £1.70.

    If you don't know this French word yet, ACHETER means TO BUY in English!